Supporting the NHS to Deliver Urgent Care

TMC Oncology comprises sub specialist expert groups of radiologists, coming together to deliver quality assured radiology reporting to support the NHS in improving patient outcomes by providing effective, efficient, and accurate diagnosis.

The ambition of the National Health Service is to allow every person with cancer to have the very best diagnosis, treatment, and care. Early, prompt, and accurate diagnosis is key and will enable patients to access treatment where there is a better chance of achieving a complete cure. TMC is proud of the partnership it has held with the NHS since 2005, delivering true specialist extra capacity, together achieving this goal.

Bringing Quality Healthcare to all People

The core value of TMC is to bring uncompromising quality health care to all people. We facilitate sub-specialist reporting, meaning radiological examinations are always allocated to the most skilled, experienced, and highly competent radiologist within the specific TMC Oncology subgroups.

The core purpose of TMC Oncology is to further enhance subspecialty reporting and expertise in turn supporting the NHS Long Term Plan.

Covering all Major Clinical Disciplines

TMC Oncology covers all major cancer clinical disciplines providing reporting services to support early cancer diagnosis, 2 weeks wait pathways and cancer surveillance. Several specialist groups have been developed enabling access to expertise, providing core principles of clinical advice, protocol guidance, communication, knowledge sharing, and education and include:

  • Colorectal Reporting (CTC) and MRI Rectum
  • Cancer and Screening Services
  • MR Prostate
  • Female Gynae/Pelvis
  • Breast Imaging
  • Hepatobiliary imaging

TMC Oncology Team

Gareth Davies

UK Medical Director &
Head of Body Section

Lotta Erenmalm

Consultant Radiologist &
Deputy Head of Body Section

GMC Registered Radiologists

All TMC Radiologists have GMC registration, have worked in their particular sub specialist environment for more than two years, will practice and report the relevant examinations in their normal everyday practice either within TMC or in their host institutions, will have the appropriate accreditation where necessary and are supported to attend relevant courses in association with their appraisal and revalidation.

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