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Telemedicine Clinic (TMC) is Europe’s largest teleradiology reporting provider, delivering over one million sub-specialist reports annually.

As a trusted NHS partner since 2004, we currently support over fifty UK hospitals, providing true additional reporting capacity and sub-specialist expertise across the nation.

TMC’s mission is to deliver the highest quality sub-specialist reports to every patient, regardless of location or local radiology capacity.



Are You Ready For
an Exciting Change?

Join TMC to accelerate your development and learn new skills, with a range of exciting and lucrative career options available. 

Enjoy the flexibility of home reporting, or travel to Barcelona or Australia and give yourself the ultimate work-life balance. 





The Future of
Radiology Training

TMC Academy is Europe and the UK’s leading provider of on-line and in-person
sub-specialist radiologist training. 

Hundreds of UK and European based radiologists have attended our CPD-accredited courses, conducted by the world’s leading sub-specialist radiologists.

Consistent with TMC’s mission of lifting world radiology standards through knowledge sharing, we are proud to offer radiologists outside our organisation the opportunity to benefit from our expertise via TMC Academy.


About TMC


TMC was founded in 2002, with the overarching mission of ensuring every patient has access to sub-specialist radiology reporting, no matter where they are located.

From small beginnings, we’ve grown into the largest provider of sub-specialist reporting services in Europe, proudly employing over 300 radiologists to deliver the fastest, most accurate and detailed reports to over 100 hospitals daily.

TMC Quality is ensured via innovations such as our pioneering ‘chase the sun’ reporting centres in Australia, and having the most stringent recruitment and peer-review policies in the market.