The 8 Crucial Questions You Must Ask
Before Choosing a Teleradiology Company

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The 8 crucial questions


  • How do you ensure our on-call patients get the best quality reports?

    Study after study has proven that tired medical workers are not as clear thinking and “suffer lapses in judgment and impaired motor skills.” 1

    The best, most accurate reports come from fresh, alert radiologists working daylight hours in a collaborative team environment.

    This is exactly how the TMC on-call team operates, reporting from our state-of-the-art reporting suite in the heart of the Sydney CBD whilst your local radiologists are sound asleep in bed.

    Don’t compromise your patient’s health and your Trust’s reputation by using NHS ‘moonlighters’ and so called ‘NHS Equivalent’ services.

  • Do you exclusively use consultant radiologists, never trainee registrars or radiographers?

    Experience counts! Don’t trust your patients’ lives to companies who use less qualified reporters for their own commercial interests.

    The most comprehensive reports come from experienced, sub-specialist consultant radiologists and TMC never substitute with registrars or radiographers.

    TMC has the strictest recruiting policies in the market, with over 15% failing our mandatory TMC Entrance Test.

    This ensures only the ‘cream of the crop’ sub-specialist radiologists are allowed to put their name on the bottom of TMC reports.

  • Can you safeguard against large increases in the number of overnight scans?

    Poor gatekeeping is poor radiology – costing scarce public funds and increasing the public radiation burden.

    Unlike other companies’ radiologists (who get paid a premium ‘per case’ rate) the TMC radiologists in Sydney are paid full-time salaries – never based on the number of scans reported.

    This means there is no personal financial incentive to be accepting cases outside of the hospital’s protocols, resulting in stricter control of case numbers and preventing unnecessary cost and patient irradiation.

  • Are you independently audited?

    TMC is the UK’s only teleradiology company to employ independent external auditors, ensuring the greatest quality assurance on the market.

    Our KPI of 2015 is to have 2% of our UK cases externally audited, in addition to our prospective and retrospective peer-review audits.
  • Do you comply with and exceed the new RCR rules for Peer Review?

    Did you know that the RCR has very recently issued new rules regarding radiologist ‘peer-review’?

    In fact, the RCR has stated “All new RIS/PACS reporting systems installed after 2015 should include an integrated QA module” and departments should aim for systematic (peer-peer) feedback by 2018.

    Why wait till 2018?!

    TMC has implemented a target of 5% prospective peer review for all our UK clients this year. This is in addition to our retrospective audit.

  • Can you offer access to sub-specialist consultants during the day to discuss cases?

    Don’t you hate it when teleradiology companies are not available for consultations, leaving to the in-house radiologists to mop-up?

    Unlike other teleradiology companies, TMC doesn’t just ‘report and run’. We believe a complete service includes ‘consultation’.

    During UK business hours, we run a dedicated ‘comms desk’, where three experienced ‘sub-specialist’ radiologists (one from each of the sub-specialist disciplines) take calls from referring physicians to review and discuss scans and reports in ‘real-time’.

  • What latest technology is used to deliver reports safely and efficiently?

    ‘Direct RIS access’ is as antiquated as a 10 year old mobile phone...

    Technology has moved on, and although some companies have failed to keep up, we’ve pumped hundreds of thousands of ££ into the latest, state-of-the-art teleradiology, RIS-RIS Integration.

    TMC’s RIS-RIS integration makes the unsafe practice of remote logins from unsecured home office environments completely redundant.

    TMC’s investment in RIS-RIS integration means we get your cases done faster and safer than ever before.

  • How do you ensure true sub-specialist reporting?

    We don’t just say ‘sub-specialist’, we mean it! For us, it all boils down to ‘unparalleled quality’.

    Sub-specialist reporting was our founding principle 11 years ago, and has continued to evolve through the years into what we now call ‘True Sub-Specialist Reporting™’.

    TMC’s True Sub-Specialist Reporting means cases are always allocated to the most skilled and experienced radiologist, based not just on body areas and modalities, but also on special interests and ‘super sub-specialties’.

“TMC made the setup of a teleradiology MRI reporting service a thankfully simple process. The turnaround times were excellent and the quality and style of the reports are very much in line with the high standards we hold ourselves too. Communications from TMC were prompt when required and support has generally been fantastic. It’s good to know we have a good teleradiology service to use when required.”

Mr. Richard BillingtonRadiology General Manager, St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust

TMC CDxN – Collaborative Diagnostic Networks

“Our proposal is that existing radiology services should collaborate to form networks […] Training the numbers needed will take several years but a new model of service along the lines we have suggested would make the most of the current limited capacity”
Radiology in the UK – the case for a new service model, Sep 2014