SOCRATES – Winner of TMC Radiology Quality Award 2015

The winning project of the TMC Radiology Quality Award: SOCRATES (Standardised Online Competency Review and Advancement of Trainee Evaluation System), an innovative evaluation system for the assessment and promotion of competency and professionalism of radiology trainees.

Dr Orpheus Kolokythas, Dr Matus Straka, Dr Rene Patzwahl and Prof Dr Christoph Binkert have addressed the fact that despite formalised evaluation by peers and self-assessment play a crucial role in the competence development process for junior radiologists a standardised system for this has not yet been implemented in many European educational radiological institutions.

The SOCRATES system includes a self-assessment module, which allows the direct comparison of personal and peer review. Longitudinal evaluations over time as well as horizontal comparison across the institution and modalities allow benchmarking of performance and professional development. Restricted access to the evaluation platform warrants adjustable degrees of confidentiality according to the institutional requirements.

For more information about the SOCRATES system, please read the summary that the group submitted to the TMC Radiology Quality Award Jury.
SOCRATES – Winning Submission TMC Radiology Quality Award 2015


The winners in discussion with Professor Peter MIldenberger, member of the jury and responsible for the MIR – Management In Radiology –  meeting that takes place in Barcelona in October (please see here for more information). The group behind SOCRATES will present their project in more detail at MIR.

Caption top image:

The two representatives for the winning group that were present in Vienna to attend the award ceremony (with flowers): Dr Kolokythas and Dr Straka. On the stage (to the left) is also Dr Hans Billing, Medical Director at TMC and member of the jury and Professor Iain McCall also member of the jury.